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If you bought Growly Notes on the App Store, we thank you for your purchase.

However, the other 14 apps available here are all free, and always will be. We like it that way.

Our demented developer works every day to enhance and maintain our apps, and to develop new ones. Since our debut at the end of 2010, we’ve released many new products:
  • 2011: Groceries, Spite & Malice
  • 2012: Write
  • 2014: Backup, Photo
  • 2015: Draw
  • 2017: Calculator
Also, too many updates to count, and more new apps are coming in the future.

If you’d like to send a thank you to GrowlyBird, please click the Donate button above. All contributions are most humbly welcome — they enable us to continue working on free Macintosh apps.

(P.S. Please ignore the suggested donation amounts and the monthly donation option. Those are PayPal’s idea of a joke. Just give what you think is fair.)