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14 Free Macintosh Apps
1 for sale on the Mac App Store

Professionally-crafted applications.
No gimmicks, no ads, no catches.
Just simple solutions—mostly for free.

GrowlyBird Software provides high-quality applications for Macintosh—most of them free of charge and without copy protection.

We provide apps you can use at home, in a small business, and at school. We like apps that are useful, fun, that can simplify or organize your life. We don’t like apps that try to be everything for everyone. We don’t mess around with mobile apps.

Our developer has been writing software for the Mac since 1984 (that’s the year the Mac was introduced). He was a professional programmer and manager at Microsoft and other companies for 18 years, and something of an eccentric all his life. He could have put all these apps out for sale on the App Store, but he’d rather give them away. OK, we admit that he’s nuts, but what can you do?

See our Products page for an overview of our apps and how to download them. Click the links in the sidebar at the left to see the pages for each app.

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