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Chris Mason

Chris Mason

Chris has been programming professionally since 1978. He’s worked at Microsoft twice, for a total of 10 years — because if a mistake is worth making, it’s worth doing again. The first time, he was in charge of Word development back when Word was still fun to use (Word 6 is what happened because he left), and was the chief developer for Creative Writer (a short-lived word processor for kids). The second time, he worked on Office for Mac, including writing the Ribbon that debuted in Mac Office 2011. He has three software patents in word processing technology.

In the non-Microsoft intervals he wrote the GrowlyBird programs and many others, some of which will be offered here in the future.

He has a lot of other interests, but really — who cares? See his author page on
Smashwords, or find his books on the iBook store. Like most of our software, all his novels are free.

Nancy Mason and friends

Nancy Mason

Nancy has tried almost everything except being an astronaut and a brain surgeon (but the latter is still on her list). That includes professional picture framer, art gallery owner, bank teller, urgent care receptionist, bar swamper, secretary, hotel maid, bookkeeper, ski resort ticket seller, hospital admitting clerk, hotel reservation agent, horticultural supervisor for mentally disabled adults, and executive assistant. She even tried programming for a while. Plus, she once lived in a converted school bus in Montana, which is undeniably cool.

She is currently engaged in zoo-keeping, landscape beautification, and home enrichment, and acts as chatelaine and Prime User for GrowlyBird Software.

Peaches the growly bird

GrowlyBird, aka Peaches

Peaches is a harlequin macaw who knows over 150 words and isn’t afraid to use them. Some of her favorite phrases are “Don’t eat me,” “Bring me the ball,” “Pickle puss,” “Muchas smooches,” “Peakaboo,” “Too much pepper,” “Achoo!”, “Crabby britches,” and “Grrrrrr.” Oh, yes, she also knows “Grrrowwwly birrrd.” She doesn’t know much about software but she is user-friendly. Sort of. Occasionally. If she’s in a good mood.

Coconut the cockatoo


Coconut is a demure umbrella cockatoo with no attitude problems, but not a lot of brains either. She’s an excellent dancer, she has a lovely singing voice, and if she didn’t have feathers and wings we’d say she was the exact opposite of Peaches.

Dobby the cat

And the other mammals…

Rosie and Sherlock the dogs Feather the cat
Actually, all the vertebrates in our family use GrowlyBird software.