12/27/15: Lots of updates
Some months ago (I have no idea exactly when) our web host changed the way it responds to requests for information, and that triggered a bug in our Check for Updates command—which therefore stopped working. I’ve taken this opportunity to update all our non-App Store apps except the games. All of them now require Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).

  • Backup: Handles disk ejections better, especially on 10.11 (El Capitan).
  • Calendar: The Dock icon shows the date even when Calendar is not running.
  • Checkbook: When you perform a search, the status bar at the bottom shows the sum of all the transactions that were found.
  • Draw: New blur and smudge tool. You can use translucent colors with the shape tools in paintings.
  • Groceries: Just bug fixes. What can I say, it didn’t need any work.
  • Journal: You can erase a field in all entries in your journal at once; useful when you change your mind about how to use a field.
  • Photo: Closed folders show the count for all nested folders.
  • Write: RTF files now remember the window size and status, and the print settings, for use in Write only.

There were also bug fixes in nearly every app. Happy New Year, a few days early.

12/1/15: Notes 2.1.5

It’s always been a pain to add text annotations to PDFs, because you couldn’t just click on the PDF and start typing. (This is because clicks in the PDF were interpreted as the start of making a selection, for highlighting.) In this version you can now
option-click on the PDF and it will start a new text note.

Lots of people ran into problems with Notes recently because Apple changed some behind-the-scenes stuff in the App Store that made Mac OS X think Notes was obsolete and needed to be re-downloaded. Apple fixed their end, but this release of Notes also has improvements so that Mac OS X won’t make that mistake again.

Several other bugs were fixed as well, including another 10.11 El Capitan compatibility issue. Happy holidays!

10/30/15: Updates to Write and Notes (both versions)

We just moved to a new house in a new state, but amidst all the chaos (still ongoing) I managed to get updates out to both Mac and iPad Notes, and to Write. The Mac apps have some minor though interesting enhancements and improved 10.11 (El Capitan) compatibility. Notes for iPad has improved page scrolling. And, as always, since I myself am not fully debugged yet, there are bug fixes.

9/22/15: Notes 2.1.3

One thing that always bugged me about Notes was the clumsy find and replace when working on just one page. That is now fixed: Notes now has a Find & Replace dialog a lot like the one in Write. It always operates on just the current page, and it has more flexible find options. The old search function, which shows hits on all the pages in the specified search range, is still the same.

Other enhancements:
  • Multiple notes can now be converted to PDF annotations at once.
  • Notes remembers more of your UI choices for your convenience.
  • Dragging emails from Mail was broken and is now fixed.
  • Shadows on drawings were not saved properly.

See the Help file for more details.

9/5/15: Updates to Write and Draw

Both Write and Draw have some minor feature enhancements and important bug fixes. See the help files for more details.

7/22/15: Updates to both versions of Notes

The Mac and iPad versions of Notes have both been updated. The iPad version still had a few problems with sync, especially using Google Drive. The Mac version has quite a few enhancements to picture handling, and the long-awaited (by some) fractions on the Insert/Special Character menu.

7/9/15: Updates to Draw and Write

Some minor enhancements and bug fixes to both apps. Nothing that will shatter your windows, but worth having.

6/10/15: New app: Growly Draw

We’re finally done with our drawing app, which was originally supposed to come out in
2011! But every time I tried to finish it, Notes would bump it back down to the bottom of the list. While I was waiting for Apple to approve Notes for iPad (which they did on the first submission, and that was quite a shocker), I bore down hard and finished the draw app. It’s not a high-end photo or vector app, it’s just a general-purpose drawing tool for people who need to create images now and then and want something simple but capable.

6/1/15: The iPad version of Notes is now available!

It took longer than we’d hoped, longer than we’d expected, but Growly Notes for the iPad is now available, for the same silly $4.99 price as the Mac version. We spent the last 4 months testing and tweaking it, and it’s finally ready. If you want to use both the Mac and iPad versions, be sure you have Notes 2.1.1 or later on the Mac. Please write and let us know what you think of it. We’ll read every email message from the comfort of our hospital room, recuperating from a well-deserved nervous breakdown!

5/18/15: Notes update

Notes 2.1.1 is now available. The biggest improvement is compatibility with the upcoming iPad version, which will be submitted to the App Store this week. It will take at least a week after we submit the iPad version for it to show up on the App Store. Apple reviews new products carefully, and even for established products it takes a week to go through their approval process. With a new app it may take several tries before we get it past the App Police.

Version 2.1.1 also includes a lot of small enhancements and some important bug fixes.

5/11/15: Update: Write, news on Notes

Write 1.2.2 was released today with some small but tasty enhancements.
  • It’s now easier to turn off bold and italic, which would sometimes stick when you didn’t want them to.
  • Comments from Word RTF are imported as notes.
  • A new option to ignore font leading on text, which prevents symbols from messing up your line spacing.
  • And lots of other improvements and bug fixes. See the help file for details.

We expect to submit the iPad version of Notes to the App Store within the next week. It’s been a long haul, but we think it’s finally just about ready. The 2.1.1 update to the Mac version of Notes was submitted to the Mac App Store today and should be available by next week; it includes compatibility features for working with the iPad version.

2/3/15: Notes update

Version 2.1 of Notes is available on the Mac App Store. The update includes:
  • Two important fixes for the save problems vexing a handful of users.
  • A nifty new option for notebook tabs. The “streamlined” tabs are slightly smaller and definitely less colorful than the fun notebook tabs, but unlike the old tabs you can also show them in the serious navigator style, leaving the navigator to show just the current notebook. It’s like a hybrid between the fun and serious styles.
  • Notes can now import Word 4 and 5 files, as well as Quickdraw files (picture files from System 9).
  • Link notes can be converted to links within a text note.
  • A fix for the PDF search problem that appeared in 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Several other important bug fixes. See the help file for details.

1/24/15: Notes for iPad news; app updates

The iPad version of Notes is nearly complete. All major features are finished, there’s just small stuff left to do. We hope to release it in March.

iCloud support. We’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that we will not be able to support iCloud in either version of Notes. After research, design, and coding were well under way, technical difficulties made it clear that trying to support iCloud would add months to the release date. Like our earlier decision not to support PDF annotations in version 1 (they are preserved but can’t be displayed or edited), we think it’s more important to get Notes into your hands, even if it’s missing some features that we would all like to see. Notes for the iPad will support backups and auto-sync to Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as inserting files from either of those cloud services.

Several app updates were released today:
  • Write 1.2.1 can now open Word 4 and 5 files and pictures from System 9 (pre-OS X). There are several other improvements and bug fixes.
  • Photo 1.1.1 has many small improvements and bug fixes.
  • Groceries 1.2 now requires OS X 10.7. The categories list has been beefed up (so to speak) so it can show either categories or stores. This makes it much easier to see what you need for a given store, and to modify the store list