12/7/14: Update to Backup

Growly Backup has been updated, but it still runs on 10.6. The next update may not.

11/15/14: Write, Photo, Calendar updates

Minor updates to these three apps, mostly bug fixes. Calendar still runs on 10.6, Photo always required 10.7, but Write now also requires 10.7.

11/11/14: Dropping support for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

We will begin phasing out support for 10.6 Snow Leopard soon. We will not update any app just to drop 10.6 support, but when apps are updated the new version will require 10.7. If this affects you, please check the system requirements on the app’s page before updating. If you update and find you can no longer run the app, let us know and we’ll send you the previous version.

Also, we are beginning to update our apps to 64-bit support. Apple’s hardware and system software have been 64-bit for several years, and now that we’re sure it’s not just a fad (that’s a joke) we’re following along. This shouldn’t affect the vast majority of users; almost everyone who’s using 10.7, and everyone who’s using 10.8 and later, has a fully 64-bit computer. You may notice a slight increase in speed, but everything else will be just the same.

11/7/14: OS X 10.10 Yosemite update

We have tested all our apps with the new OS update and everything looks OK, except for the problems listed below. If you do find any problems, please let us know and we’ll look into it right away.

  • Notes: Full screen may not work properly. The window expands to full screen and immediately shrinks back to its former size. We’re working on this for the next update.
  • Notes: If you’re using an old version of the Print to Growly Notes PDF service, it may be really slow. In 2.0.6, choose the Download command from the Help menu to get the latest version. If you’re still having problems, print to a PDF file instead and drag the PDF file to Notes.
  • Notes: In Apple’s Mail, you can no longer drag from the title bar of a message window to get a link to the email. This is a change in Mail, either a bug or Apple deliberately dropping an obscure feature. There is no known workaround.
  • Notes and Calendar: You can’t drag emails from Apple’s Mail to the Dock icon. This is a bug (or a deliberate change) in Mail. To work around it, drag the email to the app window instead, or drag it to the desktop and then drag the resulting file to the Dock icon.

10/17/14: Notes 2.0.6

Several long-standing user requests for Notes have been answered. Notes now has a word count feature. You can also assign command+number key combinations to one of four functions: highlighting, drawing tools, selecting a notebook, or tags. Also, lots of other new features and bug fixes.

9/4/14: Write update — and two new apps

Write 1.1.5
  • Many people have requested a continuous word count. There’s now a preference for it, as well as improvements to the counting algorithm.
  • You can search for checkboxes.
  • You can set a background color (for display only) in the draft view.
  • The element list shows images for frames.

We’ve been working on two new apps for over a year in our spare time. (Yes, when Chris wants to relax from working on Notes, he works on other apps. The guy is sick, sick, sick.) We’ve been using them extensively and think they’re ready for the public.

Growly Backup is a manual backup solution for copying your important files to a removable drive. You set it up by telling it what to backup and what to ignore, then run the app to perform a backup. If you aren’t doing backups now, you should be, and this is an easy way to get started.

Growly Photo is an organizing tool for photo files. It never moves your photo files into its library, it just remembers where they are and lets you create hierarchies of groups and folders for organizing them in different ways. You can assign keywords and captions to let you find them later, crop and make other adjustments, add special effects, and print in several different layouts.

Groceries and Calendar also have minor updates.

6/23/14: Notes and Write updated

Notes 2.0.5
  • When copying mixed text and images from web pages, the pictures used to be dropped. Now they’re not.
  • A new preference allows you to click on a note to select it.
  • A new export option saves the export as a single PDF file with each page as a separate PDF page within it.
  • Improvements to InsertDate and Time, searching, and floating note windows.

Write 1.1.4
  • Write has the same fix for copying from web pages as Notes.
  • A new preference makes all new untitled windows use the same size and position as the last one you created.
  • You can jump to a bookmark by double-clicking a variable that refers to it.

And many bug fixes, of course.

4/16/14: Write and Notes updated

Both Write (1.1.3) and Notes (2.0.4) share some improvements:
  • When entries are copied and pasted from lists, they maintain their identity as list entries.
  • You can click on a list marker (the number or bullet) to select the entire entry.
  • By default the Enter key on the keyboard jumps to the selection. A new preference allows you to turn this off.

Notes also has a new Windows/Favorites menu for keeping track of your most-used notebooks, and a new Tag toolbar icon for applying the most recent tag. Both apps also have other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

2/7/14: Pretty much everything has been freshened up

Write has some important bug fixes, plus a few new features:
  • Rearrange chapters by dragging in the elements list.
  • Favorite files can be grouped. Each group is separated by a line across the Favorites menu.
  • Technical text files such as XML can be saved back to the same format instead of being forced to .txt.

All the other apps have also been updated, some with minor new features, and most also have bug fixes. The games all use a new random number generator that prevents the weird repetitions that used to occur, most noticeably in Backgammon.

of our apps now require 10.6 Snow Leopard, except Notes which requires 10.7.3 Lion.

1/9/14: Growly Notes is on the Mac App Store

After more than two years of development, Growly Notes 2.0 is finally available on the App Store. This release includes a huge number of improvements in functionality, capability, and ease of use. The
Notes page has a link to the App Store page.

We will no longer be supporting or distributing version 1 of Notes. Please click
here for issues regarding the upgrade.