12/10/12: Write update (1.0.4) and several smaller changes

Write has a few minor new features (most notably a new section in the format panel for links), and many bug fixes, some critical and some minor.

Calendar, Checkbook, Groceries, and Rummy have also been updated.

10/26/12: Write update (1.0.2)

This is a maintenance update for Write. Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements.

10/25/12: Notes update (1.2.11)

This update includes several small features requested by our users, including allowing labels on calculation lines, the option to import small PDF files as picture notes instead of PDF notes, and using the page title as the print job name. It also includes some important bug fixes.

9/4/12: New product: Growly Write

At long last we’ve added a new productivity app to our product line: Growly Write, an elegant little word processor that can handle almost anything a home or small business user would want to do. We’ve been using the precursor to Write for over 8 years now, and we’re very happy to get it out into the world.

8/2/12: Minor Notes update (1.2.10)

A bug fix for problems printing PDF notes on the page, and a few other minor changes.

5/16/12: Minor Notes update (1.2.9)

Several small requests, including finding whole words and automatic text replacement. Also a handful of bug fixes.

4/16/12: Notes update (1.2.8)

This version is packed with small enhancements.
  • Page tabs can be indented to give a visual hierarchy of pages. They’re not true subpages, but it’s better than our old trick of putting spaces at the start of the page name.
  • By popular demand, notebooks can now be rearranged. The Scratchpad and Help still sink to the bottom of the outline, or the right of the tabs, but your notebooks can be in any order you like.
  • The File/Email submenu has a new command for emailing the text of any text note.
  • Automatic links and quote substitution can be turned off.
  • You can add a footer to pages with the page number and the names of the notebook, section, and page.

2/17/12: Minor Notes update (1.2.7)

So many people are using web servers to backup their notebooks, and not zipping them as we recommend, that we enhanced Notes to recover when the server doesn’t copy all the notebooks’ components. This is the only change in this version.

2/3/12: Minor Notes update (1.2.6)

This is a bug fix release with no significant new features. A minor enhancement to exporting has been made.

1/8/12: Notes update (1.2.5)

Copy and paste for tables has been greatly improved. Also, when copying or dragging data from web pages, the pictures are imported along with the text. You can capture a still image from a movie note. Some important bug fixes complete the first update in our second year.