12/1/11: Notes update (1.2.4), plus a new home app

Notes can now sort tables by any selected column, and also sort pages within a section. The latest release also includes some minor bug fixes.

A new home app is now available: Growly Groceries maintains a list of every necessity you ever buy, and where you buy them. You can check off the things you need and print the entire list or just what’s needed. If you shop day-to-day this will probably not be useful, but if you do large shopping trips, you may wonder how you ever lived without it.

11/11/11: Notes update (1.2.3)

I couldn’t let a date like this go by without a posting! I’ve knocked off a few more long-standing bugs in Notes and, as usual, added a few of the top-requested features.
  • You can finally drag and drop notes between pages or from Notes to other apps.
  • The workbench (where drawing tools and search results are shown) is now part of the main window instead of being an auxiliary window. This allows you to use it when the window is maximized, especially in Lion’s full-screen mode.

10/11/11: Notes update (1.2.2)

Several minor but long-standing bugs in Notes have been fixed, but the big news in this release is automatic backups: Notes automatically makes a backup of each notebook at intervals that you specify in Preferences. File/Open Backup lets you open a previous version of the notebook.

Also, because so many people did not realize that Notes does automatic saves, and were typing
-S (Save and Compress) unnecessarily, a Save command has been added to the File menu to do a normal save when you type -S. Let me just plug the Getting Started page in the help notebook: it really is worth your while to read it.

9/20/11: Notes update (1.2.1), plus a new game and 10.7 tweaks

Some incompatibilities with Notes on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) have been fixed, and Notes now supports full-screen mode in 10.7. Also, there is a new a way to assign any text—from a single symbol to whole paragraphs—to a function key and insert it wherever you’re typing by simply typing the function key. Several other new features include global page templates and support for saving and opening zipped notebooks to make them safer to store on Dropbox or other web servers.

The last GrowlyBird game is finally done: Growly Rummy. It’s one of my old favorites, and it’s been waiting in the wings for a long time. We’re happy to finally be able to offer it to you.

Most of the other apps have received bug fixes or very minor tweaks for 10.7. We’re not planning to offer 10.7-specific features such as full screen in our other apps at this time.

8/9/11: Major Notes update (1.2)

Notes has received a major upgrade with many new and improved features. Some of the highlights include:
  • Notebooks can be exported to other formats for sharing, further editing, or escaping Growly Notes—including RTF for Microsoft Word. No, OneNote is not one of the formats, and never will be.
  • Custom tags can use any of 25 tag icons. They can enforce text and highlight colors.
  • Note borders allow you to highlight an entire note with an outline and /or a background color.
  • Printing is much improved. You can also see page breaks in the notebook so you can adjust the position of notes to achieve the results you want. PDF notes print on the notebook page just as you see them on screen.
  • You can bookmark specific places in text notes, then create links to the bookmarks or search for them.
  • Pages can be dragged between sections. In the serious window layout, pages and sections can be dragged between notebooks.
  • Creating new templates is now incredibly simple.

See the What’s New section of the help notebook for more details.

6/21/11: Journal now has password protection

The same password protection that Notes provides is now also available in Journal. See the help file for details. You can also set a preference whether to use American- or British-style dates when creating new entries.

4/26/11: Notes update (1.1.2)

Dragging emails to Notes has been improved even more, to correctly handle accented text and symbols. The highlighter has also been improved: it now has a default color, so the toolbar highlighter will work without any setup.

Floating note windows can be opened from the dock icon menu; this menu also allows you to jump to any open notebook from any program whenever Notes is running. The same capabilities are also available by adding Notes status to the menu bar. See the help notebook for the complete list of changes.

4/18/11: Notes update (1.1.1)

Dragging emails to Notes has been improved: image and PDF attachments are now inserted along with the message text, and you can drag the window icon of a message in Apple’s Mail to create a link to email messages.

Floating note windows can be opened from the Services menu of many applications. Several other changes were made as well. See the help notebook for the complete list.

4/3/11: All GrowlyBird apps have been updated

All of our apps can now automatically check for updates, so you don’t need to remember to look for them or wait for emails from us. Use the “Check for Updates” command on the application menu.

Growly Notes has received a major upgrade (1.1) with several important new features. Please check the help notebook for more information.
  • Password protect sections of your notebook.
  • Highlighting in all textual notes (title, text, and tables).
  • Drag emails from the message list of Apple’s Mail and Microsoft Outlook® onto Notes’s dock icon or onto a page. The email header and body become a new text note.
  • Improved import and export of tables.
  • The context menu for text notes now shows spelling corrections if applicable.
  • Improved PDF import options.
  • Numerous smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Other changes:
  • In Calendar you can drag an update from the message list in Apple’s Mail and Microsoft Outlook® directly to the dock icon and skip the open and copy steps.
  • A few of the apps had minor bugs that have been corrected.

2/18/11: Donations now being accepted

So many people have asked us if they can make a donation, we’ve added a donations page. We don’t charge for our products, and we don’t expect you to give us money, but if you like our products and feel so inclined, we will gladly accept your support. Also, check out what our users and reviewers are saying on the Friendly Words page

2/2/11: PowerPC support rescinded

We’ve discovered that several of our programs have problems on PowerPC Macs. Because we cannot guarantee the level of quality we demand in our products, we no longer claim PowerPC compatibility. Future updates will contain only Intel code—except for Notes, which we will continue offering for PowerPC Macs.

1/28/11: Notes update (1.0.3)

Thanks to everyone who’s tried Notes over the last month, and to those who made suggestions. Version 1.0.3 is now available with the following fixes and enhancements:

  • The Insert/Link command had a bug that prevented you from inserting a link into a text note. This has been fixed. Just as when inserting pictures, if you’re typing in text the link will go into the text, otherwise it will create a new note.
  • Holding down the shift key when rotating drawings didn’t work properly. Now it correctly constrains the rotation to multiples of 45°.
  • A new preference in the Import panel allows you to extract the pages of PDF documents into picture notes instead of creating a PDF note. This is especially useful with the Print to Notes feature to allow you to annotate documents created in other apps.
  • You can now more easily create a list within a text note without using the ruler. Begin a paragraph with one of the three characters -*1 followed by tab, and Notes will create a new list in place. Hit return twice to go back to typing normal text. You can turn off automatic list creation in Preferences.
  • When you leave a page and come back, Notes will scroll to show exactly what you were looking at last time. You can turn this off in Preferences.