5/23/17: Hello again
It’s been a while since I’ve updated anything here, but I haven’t forgotten you. Our new house wasn’t finished until Valentine’s Day, and moving in and doing the landscaping ourselves has been a huge effort. I’ve only recently returned to working on GrowlyBird full time, and I’ve put all my effort into finishing Notes 3.0. A lot of other updates have been waiting in my queue until that was done.

Which it is! Notes 3.0 is now waiting for App Store approval. It’s a huge update:
  • The new file format enables you to have huge notebooks — many gigabytes — with super-fast loading and saving times. Constant autosaves keep your work safe.
  • Entire notebooks can now be password-protected.
  • Tags can be used within text inside notes as well as on entire notes.
  • A new “blue” ruler is easier to use than the old one.
  • A new message panel in the Workbench collects all status information for the notebook into one place.
  • The left-side navigator can be closed to maximize working space.
  • The new page picker lets you navigate to a page using thumbnails.
  • Hundreds of smaller improvements, and dozens of bug fixes.

Two other things have changed in Notes 3.0 that you need to be aware of:
  • Notes can no longer add annotations or highlights to PDF. Instead it allows you to easily open the PDF note in Preview, which is a more capable and stable way to edit PDFs.
  • Audio and video recordings must be stored outside the notebook in version 3. When version 2 files are converted, the A/V files are copied to your default recording folder.

All my pending updates are now available: Write, Draw, Photo, Backup, and Journal have all been updated. These are mostly all bug fixes.

Please be aware that from now on, all updated apps will require Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion). This includes everything mentioned above.

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